Paul Smith

Paul Smith owned Metro Realty and owned 1st Sierra Mortgage Inc. for 18 years.  He now works as an underwriter for Wells Fargo.  He has lived in Sacramento for 27 years.  In 2008 he ran against Doris Matsui for Congressional District 5 (Sacramento) and received one of the highest vote totals a Republican has ever received in 10+ years.   In 2010 he again ran and increased his vote total by 5% with 20% less voting.  He is also a delegate to the California Republican Party.
Paul also guest hosts on KTKZ AM radio 1380 in Sacramento and is a frequent guest.  Paul has led the charge in trying to get Sacramento City Council to pay attention to its own problems and not interfere with other states such as Arizona.  In 2010 filed an injunction against the city to keep them from stopping his protest rally against the City Council over their decision to sanction Arizona. He also led a protest against the County Board of Supervisors when a proposal floated by Supervisor Roger Dickinson tried to obligate all the citizens to approve Obamacare in the County.
In 2010 he was allowed into a nuclear waste disposal site in Carlsbad, New Mexico and is one of only a few civilians to tour the facility located 2,100 feet underground.  His articles and pictures are now featured on President’s Obama’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Energy, in which Paul is now a civilian advisor.  Many of his nuclear articles have been picked up by other nuclear websites and have gone national.  He speaks to groups in Sacramento about nuclear energy and is in high demand on the subject. He has been interviewed by Fox-40 News, Channel-10 news in Sacramento, WGN-9 in Chicago, and Fox-59 in Indianapolis regarding the nuclear emergency in Japan.  He has been interviewed by radio stations regarding the War Powers Act as far away as Orlando Florida.   His articles have been featured on the Huffington Post, Nuclear Times, Townhall Radio, and many more.
He spent two years blogging for and due to the many requests from the community, he decided to start his own blog in conjunction with Samantha Heggum.
He is a classically trained concert bassoonists and plays in all the local orchestra’sin Sacramento.  In 2006 he played at Carnegie Hall and has also cut a DVD of his performance with the ARC Orchestra doing Weber’s Bassoon Concerto in F Major opus 75 in 2007.  Currently he is playing for the Folsom Symphony.

He has coached varsity baseball at Encina High School, been a reading tutor at Jonas Salk Elementary, and played in the adult baseball and hockey leagues in Sacramento.  He also speaks at all the local colleges and has been a guest lecturer at the Los Rios Community Colleges.  He has attended seven colleges and universities all over the Pacific Northwest.

He also is a supporter of WEAVE(Women Escaping A Violent Environment) and has spoken at the Polly Klass award dinner.
In his spare time he likes to hike to the area waterfalls and you can find him salsa dancing at the local salsa venues.

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