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This blog is a collaborative effort between Paul Smith and Samantha Heggum.  Paul Smith has run for Congress in the 5th Congressional District in Sacramento California twice now.  A veteran political commentator, Paul has been following international, national, state and local events for twenty five years.  This blog is an outgrowth of observing and participating in the political process.  Although Paul is a conservative republican, he is not afraid to cut through the sound bites and tell you the truth regardless of any political persuasion.  You will find over 300+ articles on such topics as Nuclear Energy, Green Tech, Elections, Health Care, Budgets, City Councils, Foreign Relations, the Constitution, and many, many more.  He is a frequent guest host on the local radio stations in Sacramento.  He is also a delegate to the California Republican Party.

Samantha Heggum worked on the Paul Smith for Congress Campaign in 2010.  She was instrumental in helping him win his second primary in 2010.  A Political Science Major, Samantha skills include a vast and detailed knowledge of how our Government works, the Constitution and related documents, and an amazing understanding of world history.  She designed the Smith-in-the-5th website and was responsible for many position papers used in the campaign.  She possesses a brilliant political mind and a keen sense of how to get her point across.  She is working towards a political science, law and a PhD degrees.  Samantha is a conservative republican, but does not always agree with the Republican Platform.

The SmithHeggumReport will report examine the truth behind the soundbites and provide you with accurate information on the subjects it will cover.  The better educated the voters are, the better politicians we can elect.  The SmithHeggum Report will be hard hitting, timely, and informative.  Thank you for choosing the WWW.SmithHeggumReport.com for your daily news.


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