SEIU And The Minumum Wage War!

SEIU Battles Minimum Wage in Sacramento in the Summer of 2010!

Breaking news… 200,000 workers to receive $7.25 an hour in July due to no budget.  Governor Schwarzenegger issues a letter to State controller John Chiang.  Chiang publically says he will refuse to pay minimum wage until the courts tell him to do so.   Exempted where 37,000 workers whose unions had agreed to labor deals.

Protesting a threat to the paychecks of state workers, the SEIU coated the west lawn of the state capital in a purple wave of people. An estimated 8,000 people attended to show support for their union for the start of the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The threat to bump state paychecks down to the federal minimum wage of $7.25, in an effort to solve an alarming budget crisis, is real.

The crowd rallied around a large electronic monitor that portrayed live video feeds from cameras that swept the crowd or focused on the speaker at the time. Booths lined the sides of the area, giving protestors the opportunity to sign up for email lists, create their own signs, or even eat a free hotdog.

Other booths provided first aid, information on the SEIU, and contact information for the governor. None of these, however, eclipsed the determined cheers from the crowd as speaker after speaker went up to put their two cents in.

Now a little history:

The SEIU was founded in Chicago in1921 and was originally called the Building Services Employees Union (BSEU). It began with a man by the name of William Queese, who organized the Chicago flat janitors under an AFL charter.  However small, the 7,000 members nationwide soon grew dramatically when a strike rocked New York City’s Garment District in 1934.

Over the next few decades mergers and organizing increased the size of the BSEU exponentially and well beyond its original boundaries.

In 1968 the BSEU renamed itself Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and in the 1980’s it absorbed not only the International Jewelry Workers Union, but the Drug, Hospital, and Health Care Employees Union and all of the Health & Human Services Workers. Its membership continues to grow today.

Today the SEIU represents 2.2 million people in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico that work in one of three sections of industry: Health Care, Public Services, and Property Services.

In health care alone there are more than one million members in the profession, including LPN’s, doctors, nurses, lab technicians, home care workers and Nursing home workers.

Public Service members make up the second largest portion of the union with 850,000 people. This section includes local and state government workers, public school employees, child care providers, and bus drivers.

As a smaller but hardly unnoticeable group, the third section comprises of 225,000 people who protect and clean commercial and residential office buildings, security officers and public safety personnel.  This makes SEIU easily the largest health care union, the largest property services union, and the largest security union.  Might I also add that it is one of the North America’s most diverse unions with 56 percent of its members being women and 40 percent of its members being of color.

With the facts on the table it is easy to see how a union like SEIU is able to expect a government to capitulate to its demands when 8,000 people could show up on the lawn of the capitol on a Wednesday afternoon.

The fact that they don’t want to make $7.25 an hour working for the state obviously caused a few hearts to stop at the SEIU. Is that sheer panic on their faces?

With the facts on the table it is easy to see how a union like SEIU is able to expect a government to capitulate to its demands when 8,000 people could show up on the lawn of the capitol on a Wednesday afternoon.

But something seems a bit off.  And let’s start with some micro calculations before we zoom to view the larger picture, starting with hotdogs.  You get 8 ball park franks for 2.99 at Safeway. To feed 8,000 people, that would take about $2,990 dollars.

Next, the buns: 2 dollars for 8 buns. $2,000 more just to cover those original hot dogs.  This information would lead me to wonder about the amount of money that can’t be counted, such as the money spent on signs to hand out to people, the money spent on tarps and on paper and on ink for printing. How about the massive board in the background?  That’s not cheap.

And what about all of the sick leave the protesters had to take?  Or did they call it PTO and force tax payers to pay for a day where they were out protesting the very state that hired them?

The fact that they don’t want to make $7.25 an hour working for the state obviously caused a couple gallons of blood to go cold at the SEIU and one can almost taste the distress.

But the plain facts are these:
We have more State Workers now then just three years ago.  The pension problem is looming over all the private sector workers, who by state mandate, will have to pay for all those un-funded pension bills with more taxes.  State workers now exceed private sector pay when comparing the same jobs.
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