The Obscene Reason Clinton Went to India!

Jul 23rd, 2009 | 

And why it is costing you your job!  Here is the ‘Red’ pill.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just wrapped up a 5-day visit to India.  Lets review the facts:

In 1999 Hillary Clinton decided to become a Senator from New York.  Sant Singh Chatwal a Sikh millionaire threw  a party for her and raised $50,000 at his Upper Eastside penthouse.  He is a naturalized citizen from India.  He also got 14 entities to drop another $210,000 on Clinton.  Also note Chatwal is a trustee of the William J. Clinton Foundation.  Chatwal is a tax cheat and started donating to the Clintons early on.  The Clinton’s approved grants to the Indian-American advocacy groups that were used to outsource your job to India.

hillary_idolCisco Systems jumped in the game and laid off $60,000 a year employees and replaced them with people form Bangalore India for 1/2 the cost.  Cisco said they couldn’t find any quality employees in the US.  Cisco paid Bill Clinton $300,000 for two speeches in 2006.  Cisco is a big contributor to the Clinton’s.

In 2004 Congress tried to enact several anti-outsourcing laws.  Sen. Chris Dodd actually took the lead on this.  Enter Hillary Clinton who created the Senate India Caucus to lobby against the law. 

“It is imperative that the United States do everything possible to reach out to India” said Clinton.


On the House side our friend Pelosi pushed her crew.  Sometime in 2005 when it looked like the bill might have some teeth with severe penalties, Clinton and Chatwal went to the Punjab to assure all of them that outsourcing was safe and that the US would make no attempt to curb outsourcing.  At a fundraiser at Dr. Rajwant Singh’s house in the Potomac, Hillary said this, “I can certainly run for the Senate seat in Punjab and win easily.”

In 2007 Chatwal raised $5 million for her presidential campaign.  On Feb 27 2007 she said this in Punjab “Outsourcing will continue.”  Had enough yet?  Keep reading.  Chatwal was accused of defrauding the New York branch of India $9 million he borrowed.  He was arrested boarding a plane with Bill Clinton by the State of New York when they wanted $2.4 million in back taxes.  He posted bail and flew with Clinton to India.  In India he got arrested again, posted bail and jumped bail and flew to Vienna.  He got another $14 million form the First New York Bank for Business and skipped on that too.  The bank failed and he paid back the Government $125,000 and you and me the tax payer had to pay $13.9 million.

Sanjay Puri the head of the largest Indian-American fundraising PAC noted “India is, after all, Hillary’s second most important constituent after China!”  Bill and Hillary Clinton have gone to India at least 9 times and attended many fundraising PAC groups across the US.  So much for putting the tax paying voters to work here.

So what got accomplished in India the past five days?  “I am very confident the United States and India can devise a plan that will dramatically change the way we produce, consume and conserve energy and in the process spark and explosion of new investment and millions of jobs.”  Jobs for who?  Indian Environmental Minister Jairam Ramesh said his government could never accept legally binding targets on carbon emissions that limited economic growth.  So in the US we will get Cap and Trade and India will have no part of controlling and taxing emissions.  India must be licking her chops waiting for all the US businesses to fail!  Million of jobs for India!

Hillary was able to get something.  She got a commitment that India will build two new Nuclear Power Plants and sell them sophisticated weapons.   US companies will be contracted to build them.  Great for the Indian economy.  The workers will work for half the wage there and put millions to work in India.  Why can’t we build some here?  Its ok for other countries to build nuclear power plants but when it comes to the US… no way!

So while you and I have been busting our butts to keep our job, our Secretary of State has been giving them away to India!  Oh, but she got a lot of campaign contributions and Bill has been paid handsomely!

hogueI want you to tune into 1380 KTKZ on Friday 7/24/09 at 12 noon pacific time. A similar story like this has been going on in Sacramento involving Congresswoman Doris Mastui. 

Eric Hogue will have Gerald Walpin on.  He was fired as the Inspector General while investigating  St. Hope and Mayor Kevin Johnson.  $300 million in stimulus funds was at stake!  Please review the other stories on this blog for the details.  Campaign contributions have been sent to Matsui for her help by big developers/attorney’s and Eric will blow the lid off this case tomorrow.  She actually contacted the White House to intervene and Walpin got fired!

Time to stand up to these politicians and take back our country!

I need you support and vote!

The Paul Smith for Congress website is www.paulsmithforcongress.org
Paul Smith.  Republican Candidate for the 5th Congressional District (Sacramento)


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