Sad and Ashamed!

I am really sad and ashamed!

I follow politics in detail especially since I have ran for Congress twice… so I take it pretty seriously.

I see all the articles for one candidate then I see an article exposing the same candidate for do the opposite and mis-leading people about his record, or what’s in the book or splitting hairs on how a word is used.

You got candidates trying to run from their record, candidates trying to expose their record, radio and TV pundits taking sides and roasting one candidate to build up another.

Some say “Look at me cause I have done all these great things in the past” other say “look at my voting record” one says “I did once before I can do it again”, others just say what they think will get them elected depending on the state they are in.

Some dig into candidates pasts and say he was a womanizer, and that shows he has no character. Others defend candidate that clearly cannot be defended.

I am sad for this country that was a real unemployment rate of 16%.

I am sad for the millions of families that drained their retirement accounts to stay afloat. They will live near the poverty line when they get old.

I am sad for those counting on social security someday when we know it won’t be there in a few short years.

I am sad for all those precious children that will grow up and have to pay for OUR mistakes. We voted these folks into office. We share the blame.

I am sad that someday soon we won’t be able to afford to put gas in our cars and take a vacation because it will cost to much.

I am sad for all those who lost their homes when they lost a job.

I am sad that not one candidate is addressing the real issues that confront you and me everyday. It’s parry, counter parry, deflect and avoid the pressing concerns this nation faces.

I am sad for you. I have no kids that I will leave this mess to. But most of you do. What kind of country are we leaving to them?

I am ashamed to give this country to them when it’s their time.

I am ashamed of myself for handing off $16 trillion in debt, high unemployment, limited energy sources, huge deficits, and so on. I haven’t done enough to stop the madness!

I am truly sad and ashamed to give this country to the next generation.

What a failure I have been in guarding the next generation, their country they will inherit from me. Paul Smith 1/11/2012

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