That Day On 9-11

The day started out like any other day for many. Traffic, school, making lunches, an angry cabby, a cross word, a fresh peach at a stand, coffee at Starbucks. No one in this country gets up and has to fear the unknown. We have the assurance we can safely go about our business without car bombs, mortar shellings and attacks from foreign Governments. Yes we have nutjobs that do kill Americans in this country, however they are rare and we have the confidence we can walk outside without body armor.

Maybe we became complacent, allowed our trusting selves to to look the other way when several men bent on killing Americans only wanted to learn how to fly a jumbo jet not land or take-off. Maybe the bells should have gone off then when an FBI agent wrote a memo that sat on a desk a few days too long regarding the suspicious activity of a few of these men. Maybe we should have tightened up cockpit security years ago.

Maybe maybe maybe…

That day made me realize we no longer can take for granted our safety like we have in the past. I grew up fearing a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. We did drills in school to hide under desks. Today we are in a war with some evil people and a religion that only wants to kill Americans. I know what Jihad or death to the Infidels is and means now. Unlike the Soviet Union, these people will kill themselves in the process. A totally different and evil enemy that promises 79 virgins as a reward.

I remember this day as I watched in horror the 2nd jet slam into the WTC. Our country would have to change and we would have to change along aside it.

I don’t believe in the “well when your time is up, it’s up” theory of death. I doubt any of those that died or their family and friends believe that either. Evil takes innocent lives before their time on earth is finished.

When I go, I don’t want to die because evil visited me on that day because I was an American. I want to die because my body said it was time, not because some Jihadist set off a car bomb ten feet away from me.

They say “Death to the Infidels” like it was a chant at a football game.  I say we need to stick some more missiles up where the sun doesn’t shine every time we see a group running around saying that.  No one in this country does anything similar, although I suspect it is on the minds of many today. 

Just because we are American, should not be the reason to be killed.  Just because you are a Jew, should not be the reason to be targeted.  And so on.

Religions that teach violence as a means of spreading the “gospel” need to be stamped out.

I fear we haven’t done enough to protect our own citizens.  I hope I am wrong!

Paul Smith

Delegate to the Republican Party

Former Candidate for Congress 2008-2010

Taking our Government back, one day at a time!

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