The Guy Story. How one man walked away from it all!

For those how want to stay current on the latest on the Guy Story, here is the continuing saga from the beginning.  Eash segment will be added after it is published on FB.


Guy meets girl. Guy marries girl. Year’s later Guy and girl have kids, mortgage, responsibilities, pressure. Guy now wishes he didn’t have responsibilities and wonders if he made a mistake getting married too young.

Guy keeps girl on the side who is carefree and single, Guy contemplates running off with new girl and eliminating responsibilities. Guy even  feels guilty about the affair and Guy’s life is totally miserable. Guy is in living hell.  Guys wants divorce and mistress is pressuring him to do so. Guy wants to tell  wife, but two children make it difficult. Guy wants to be free from responsibilities, but Guy is trapped. Mistress can’t wait and breaks up with guy. Wife suspects something.  Guy contemplates suicide to eliminate crushing pressure.


When we left off yesterday, Guy had had an affair, was pressured to get a divorce, his mistress left him and his wife suspected something and Guy was contemplating suicide to relieve the pressure. Guy wanted to have the carefree life again, and Guy was cracking under the pressure of being married, kids, a mortgage and no time to play.

What was Guy to do sitting in his car in the garage with his wife and kids at the mall. Guy wanted out, but was unsure out of what. Guy could run a hose from the exhaust pipe and go that route, but Guy’s insurance policy didn’t pay upon suicide.

Guy thought his wife would leave him if Guy told the truth. But that made no sense since he was considering a divorce anyway. Couldn’t Guy just keep a girl on the side and stay married? Free to come and go? Guy thought he was should be allowed to do this. But then Guy thought he would never allow his wife to do the same, so he felt even more confused.

Guy then noticed a rat walking across the hood of his car. It shocked Guy out of his misery and prompted Guy to get out and capture the rat and get rid of it. Guy grabbed a shovel and tried to scoop it up, and succeeded, until the rat simply jumped off. Guy then had an idea to squish the rat with the shovel and kill it.

Guy let out a terrible scream as he brought the shovel down. Just then the garage door opened and Guy’s wife and kids stared at him through their windshield. The shovel made a terrible splat and scared Guy. Guy looked at the dead rat, his family, and contemplated how wrong his life had turned out. Guy looked at the agonized faces of his family, and realized he could no longer continue with all the pressure he faced.

Guy threw the shovel down, walked up to the car and said, “I quit!” And walked off into the night.


When we left Guy yesterday, he had just walked out of his garage after smashing a rat in front of his two young daughters and his wife Gayle. “I quit” he said and walked into the night. Guy if you will recall, had had an affair, felt enormous pressure from work, family, a mortgage, and had regrets for getting married and having to be responsible. He wanted to be free again.

Guy walked hard for over an hour before taking stock of what he had and done. Guy had a cell phone and his wallet with him. It was 11:30 pm and he had no idea where he was. When he finally got his bearings, Guy realized he had walked the route he took to work.

Meanwhile his wife Gayle had composed herself enough to get her kids into the house and come back to scrape the dead rat off the floor and put it in the garbage. She was cold, frightened and confused about Guy’s “I quit” exclamation. She had hoped he would just take a walk around the block and come back, but after two hours she started to get the creepy feeling he was never coming back.

Guy had always internalized things and never allowed anything to bother him. No matter what happened Guy was always the strong one. But that made him distant and she wondered if he was keeping something from her.

She looked in his car for any clues of what might have triggered Guy to go off. Maybe he lost his job and didn’t want to tell anyone. All she could find was an envelope with some meaningless papers in it. She left it on the table and called her Mom. She had no idea that by the morning, her life would completely change, when her daughter went through the envelope during breakfast.

Guy reached for his cell phone to call the mistress who had left him to let her know he had finally made the split and they could be together. When her phone rang, a man’s voice answered. Guy panicked and hung up.

Guy’s heart pounded and he became enraged. Five minutes later his phone rang and it was his ex-mistress. “Guy did you call me?” “Yes, who is the guy that answered?” Guy demanded! “Well if you must know it’s my boyfriend, I was in the shower!”

Guy flipped out and started swearing and cussing and said things like why didn’t you wait for me, I left my wife, you are a whore, and several undecipherable sentences. Guy never realized that his ex-mistress had hung up on him halfway through his rant.

Guy at this point was a seething raging hulk and thought everyone was out to get him. He used house money to buy his mistress gifts, and lied to his wife repeatedly to be with her, and this was how she repaid him!

He kicked trash cans that where put out for collection for the next day and sent many spilling their contents all over the road. It was now 2:00 am. and the streets were desolate. The only sound he could here was an occasional dog bark or a sound of a car passing close by.

Guy at this point had walked to his office which was six miles from his house. He entered his code and the door opened. He went over to the fleet vehicle key lock box and beat it off the wall. Guy grabbed a key to the company van and drove off towards the airport. Still enraged he crushed one of the low lying signs advertising his company at the exit.

Find out tomorrow the trouble Guy is in, the efforts to track him down, and what was in the envelope left on the table by Gayle.


In the last installment, Guy had stolen a company van and basically walked out on his wife and two children. His mistress had disowned him, and he was headed to the airport at 2:00 am. It’s now three months later.

Gayle, Guys soon to be ex-wife, reflected on the night Guy left, at her support group she joined after suffering from severe depression.

“I should have seen the signs, but I wanted to trust Guy” she said still choked up with emotion. “Looking back it all makes sense. The business trips, the late nights at the office, the unexplained expenses at department stores, I was a fool to not recognize he had been cheating on me all along.”

“That night after getting over the shock that Guy wasn’t coming home, I felt a peace come over me, just for an instant before I went to bed. It was shattered by a knock at my door at 8:30 am when the police arrived, with several armed deputies.”

“They explained how Guy had gone to work, broke into the key box, stole a van, and it had not turned up. They had him on video and wanted to know if Guy was here. It was very humiliating to know the Guy I had married after eight years could do something like this” Gayle droned on.

The police would eventually discover Guy had used his credit card to buy three different tickets to Mexico City, Guatemala, and Belize. They found the van in the long term parking lot a two days later when an employee reported it had had an accident and didn’t want to be held liable.   A look at the manifests on the airlines showed Guy never got on any of the three planes. The lead detective, Marco Ramirez, was from the special case squad, and spent several days at Gayles house sifting through bank statements, emails and questioning neighbors, family and friends. Marco was a handsome third generation Latino, and was just starting to gray at his temples.

Even the FBI got involved and special agent Ralph Brooks was assigned to track down his whereabouts. Brooks was a short portly man, always sweating even in a cold room. He was the type that saw conspiracy in everything including what drug was put in toothpaste to get you addicted to a brand.

A search of cell phone records showed he made a call to his ex mistress and both she and Gayle had to meet face to face to compare notes to help the police. Gayle went into severe depression for a few weeks when she realized her entire marriage had been a lie. The mistress, Annie Benson, had been Guy’s girlfriend before he meet Gayle and they keep in contact the entire time they had been married. They had met several times on business trips over the years to kept things going.

Guy had dropped off the map. They found his cell phone in a garbage bin at the airport after asking Gayle to call it the next morning. No more credit purchases or any witnesses who claimed to have seen him.

Gayle and her two daughters had sort of settled into a new routine after three months and after discovering what was in the envelope, created a slew of new problems and accusations.

The next morning Kendra, came down for breakfast and decided to help herself. She noticed an envelope on the table and being a curious seven year old, opened it up and looked at the papers. One was a receipt from a store in some far away state of New York. On the top where printed the words “PowerBall.” She saw the numbers and being very smart for a seven-year old went over to the computer to see if they had won any “Powerballs.” She had no idea what a powerball was, but she sure wanted to have one.

When she logged in and put in the numbers and the date, the screen said the holder of this ticket had just won $230 million. She wasn’t quite sure, but she thought that was a big number. At least more than a hundred she told the FBI later on.

“Mom” she cried out, “I think you better come and look at this.” Gayle, who was still in a fog, with eyes bloodshot, made it into the den and asked Kendra what’s was the matter, in a low tone. Kendra pointed to the screen and to the ticket and with a big smile she said “Mom does this mean I can get a puppy?”

Gayle rubbed her eyes and stared at the screen, and then the ticket and then the screen again. There must be some sort of mistake she said. Her heart started to race as the magnitude of what she was looking at slowly overrode all her senses. “This can’t be she said! This must be some cruel trick. Where did you get this” she asked Kendra. “From Daddy’s envelope.” Gayle’s mind was racing and reeling all at once when the door bell rang.

“Mom it’s the police” her youngest daughter Stacy called out. It was 8:30 am.

Find out who makes a claim for the money and where Guy ended up, and how Gayle copes with all the lawyers, the police and the FBI who starts to believe this was all a sham to get rid of Guy and collect the money for herself. Find out how she deals with the distrust, the lawsuits and those who try to take the money and… the book she discovered in Guy’s office he was reading that sheds new light into his behavior in the next installment.


In the last installment, Gayle recounted the events of that evening and the next morning. The discovery of the winning Powerball ticket, and the visit from the police and the strange behavior from Guy.

“Good Morning. Are you Gayle Nelson?” asked the sharp dressed detective. “My name is Marco Ramirez special case squad. Do you know where your husband Guy is?” Gayle immediately gathered up he two girls instinctively to protect them and shielded them from the intruder.

… “No what’s all this about?” Another portly man stepped into view and introduced himself as Ralph Brooks Special Agent FBI. Several other official looking types joined him on the sidewalk.

“Mrs. Nelson, can we go someplace where we can talk?” the FBI agent asked gruffly. Gayle knew what that meant and asked her daughters to go into their rooms. Kendra, was non-plussed and told her Mommy to ask for I.D. like they do on TV.

Gayle invited them into the house. “Do you mind if we look around” asked Detective Ramirez. Gayle was clearly reeling from last nights events and her breathing became labored and without thinking agreed to allow several investigators into her house.

“Mrs. Nelson, we need to locate your husband Guy” said FBI agent Ralph Brooks. Can you call him on his cell phone?” Gayle became worried and dialed Guy right away. The phone went into voice mail. In an hour it would be found in a trash can at the Sacramento International Airport. Mrs. Nelson your husband broke into his company last night and stole a van and bought three airline tickets to Mexico City, Guatemala, and Belize and we checked with all three airlines and he was on none of them. Can you explain this” he said menacingly.

Gayle went weak in the knees and would have collapsed had Detective Ramirez not caught her. The FBI agent was playing one of the oldest interrogation tricks in the book… shock the spouse so hard to gauge her reaction. If Gayle was in on it, she didn’t show it. Brooks thought she was really good at the cover-up and thought he could trap her later.

Another detective whispered into the ear of the FBI agent who then whispered into the detective’s ear.

Just then Mr. Abe Findley, a prominent criminal attorney that lived next door, walked in and asked what was going on. Agent Brooks took a look at Finley and in an instant made a decision that he would regret shortly. He blurted out “Guy Nelson stole a company van, bought three tickets to three foreign countries, I am holding a winning Powerball ticket for $230 million and my assistant is holding a book entitled “How to disappear in under 24 hours.  Who in the hell are you sir.” Brooks belted out!

In an instant worlds collided, laws where broken and re-broken, Supreme Court cases where won and lost over search and seizures cases, Miranda rights cases flashed in Abe Findley’s mind and grounds for lawsuits where played out in a mili-second after hearing Agent Brooks speak.

Abe Findley was still in his robe and was around 60, slim, slightly graying and ran one of the largest and most successful criminal defense practices on the West Coast. He straightened out and with a fierce fire that burned in his eyes, spoke the following words.

“My name is Abraham Findley attorney-at-law. I represent Gayle Nelson. I need to see a warrant and I need to verify you have read Gayle her Miranda rights.” Before he could finish both Detective Ramirez and Special Agent Brooks froze in their tracks when they realized who was standing in front of them. Abe Findley had defended the last Governor in a murder trial and exposed the corruption all the way up to the attorney generals office and put several high ranking officials and law enforcement in jail trying to frame the Governor.

The color drained from Brook’s pudgy face and he opened his mouth to say something but Findley gave him no quarter.

“I didn’t think so: Findley went on. “You have thirty seconds to remove yourself and your detectives from this house. If anything comes up missing, your boss, whom I play golf once a week, will be none too pleased.”

Everyone had stopped moving in the house realizing the showdown that was happening right before their eyes. Brooks snapped out of a trance and waved everyone out, still unable to speak.

“I will have Mrs. Nelson available for a statement down at police headquarters at 4:00 pm.” It wasn’t a request or question, it was a demand and there would be no negotiating the time or location.

Detective Ramirez quickly agreed and worried about how badly this case had just gone. Technically Mr. Nelson wasn’t really missing since it hadn’t been 24 hours… and he wondered why the FBI showed up so soon.

The entourage left and it was just Abe, Gayle, Kendra, and Stacy.

Abe walked Gayle to the couch and sat down with her. She was visible shaken.

“Gayle, take some deep breaths” Abe implored. “Tell me what happened…”

In the next installment find out Gayle’s response to the book, the money and what the ex-mistress demands and why the FBI was watching Guy.


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