My Plan for America! Part 1-Energy and Jobs

I have yet to see the President or any political candidate clearly articulate their ideas for pulling the USA out of the economic, political, and social abyss we face.  And make no mistake about it; we are headed for a crash if our Government continues to operate under a Ponzi scheme.   While the President says he will have a new plan in September, the American People can’t afford to wait that long Mr. President!

While I enjoy the emotion of a candidate delivering a feel good speech to get you pumped up, they must have a specific plan to implement and convince the American People and Congress to implement it, or we are all in deep trouble.

The following are my solutions for making America great again. We have had a trade imbalance in this country for generations and we have made several countries wealthy beyond belief. 

Time to make the USA and the American Workers here wealthy and self sufficient.  Time for a detailed plan that is devoid of sound bites, and is full of content! 

In part 1, I will explain how we can start digging ourselves out of the economic disaster we are in and create jobs for Americans in the energy sector. 

In Part 2 and 3, I will address the social and political solutions we must implement to guarantee our country will survive another 200 years and address other area like Social Security, Immigration, Deficits, Unions, Healthcare, Governance and the Constitution. 

How we do it. Part 1  

We need to transform this country into an exporter of products, and ideas. I remember when Westinghouse was an American company and my Grandma used to work for them.  Today it is owned by the Toshiba Corporation.  Westinghouse builds nuclear reactors across the globe except in the U.S.   We need to stop making drilling for American Oil a crime in this country.

The surrounding area of ANWR[1] holds 60 billion barrels of oil. Enough to supply the U.S. needs for the next 34 years. The gulf holds even more if we could drill for it.  We could export oil and all the products that are made from oil and bring real dollars, growth and jobs back to the U.S.  The fact that we have to import so much oil has handcuffed our foreign policy and made us weak politically and economically.

In 2010 I read a study done by a couple of scientist looking for the economic benefit of just drilling for oil on the West Coast. They anticipated 100,000 new jobs[2] would be created and the State of California Treasurer would receive annually in taxes and royalties of $20 billion a year.  Add on the ability to build the platforms on the West Coast at $1 billion a per platform (we need 54) [3] and we would put another 100,000 more to work creating one of the biggest economic booms in construction, technology and housing ever seen on the West Coast. Currently only South Korea builds an exports oil platforms.

Let’s make the U.S.  the leader and number one builder of oil derricks and platforms in the world.  And while we are at it, let’s bring back shipbuilding back to the U.S. by cutting the regulations that drove it away.  

We must clear the decks and allow the manufacturing of these and allow other industries to use our coastlines to build big ticket items in America and put you and me back to work.  I propose we designate certain coastline areas for such industries and turn private industry loose. 

Those areas on the Coastline receiving the designation would be immune from environmental lawsuits and onerous regulations that have killed those industries.  We need to work with the environmentalists and get their cooperation in designating which areas would meet with their approval.  Everyone will have to give and cooperate to accomplish the goal.  Failure to act will make the next generation worse off than we are today.

If Congress can give out exemptions to farmers for CO2 emissions [4], we can do the same for building and construction zones on the coast.  We have National Wildlife Parks and Refuges, why not a National Energy Zone!

In the ANWR area,  oil companies have been held up by lawsuits and permitting issues for over five years.   They are now leaving the area and we need to allow them to drill now!

While we are getting that up and running, we need to suspend the portion of the Jones Act that requires mostly American crews to ship oil into American waters, thereby adding 30% to the price of imported oil.  Time to do what is right for the country not just protect a maritime union.

While we are drilling for more oil, we must build new refineries to handle the increase in demand.  We currently refine less oil now than we did 40 years ago.  The new high paying jobs created would add another 100,000 jobs directly associated with the construction, and operation of the plants and ancillary businesses that would be created.  At one time we had a bill in Congress to open three new ones on abandoned military bases.  Let’s revive that bill and pass it and put Americans back to work!

I propose an expedited environmental review process that will handle all claims and lawsuits and clear them off the books in one year or less.  No more five year lawsuits to protect 167 turtles [6], or some moose.  State you claim, your evidence and the panel will determine if it is legit and recommend changes.  If not, the suits are dismissed and ground breaks. England can approve a nuclear plant in one year to our five; it’s time for the USA to figure it out.

Solar, Ethanol and Wind will have a place but we will never be able to create an industry we need and they continue to go bankrupt.  We need a stable and predictable energy source.  In my previous articles on these energy sources, I have laid out the fallacy of relying on these forms.  They are intermittent and back-up forms of energy only.

We must create an exportable product that the world needs and stop sending trillions of dollars to countries that don’t even like us.  We can put the American worker back to work by developing our own oil and make this country strong again.


I have authored multiple articles on this subject.  I will direct you to the Energy Section of my blog for detailed analysis of this vital energy source.  Let me say this, Nuclear Energy is the safest and cheapest form of permanent energy/electricity we have.  Currently we get 20% of our electricity from Nuclear.  We now have the ability to dispose of nuclear waste, build safer 3rd and 4th generation plants and do it in the safest places in the country.  We just need the political willpower to get past the paranoia of nuclear energy. 

Do we have safety issues with our current plants… yes we do.  They are 40-50 years old and built with designs thought up in the 1960’s!  Can we build safer plants?  Absolutely.  Then let’s update this cheap source of electricity, create jobs in this country and run our country on a cheap and predictable source of fuel

Keep in mind, you split one atom of Uranium-235 and you create enough energy equivalent to one million volts of electricity!  One pound of Uranium equates to 1 million gallons of gasoline!

We need to build 10 plants per year for the next 30 years at a cost of about $6 billion a plant.  The jobs that would be created and the electricity we could generate is staggering.   We need to catch up with China and India in the race to be energy independent and attract jobs to this country.

If you ever want to see a nation of electric cars, this is the only way we will get it!

Stop mandating a fuel (ethanol) that is inferior, is subsidized, and has too low of an octane to be usable.  Not only is the fuel weak and unstable, it has caused grain prices to spike and raising the costs of poultry, hogs and beef in the country because of the costs to feed them.  The result is higher prices at the grocery store and a worldwide shortage of the key grains needed to feed a population.  Eliminate the subsidy on ethanol and eliminate the tariff on imported ethanol of .54 cents [4] from Brazil that is superior to the corn ethanol we are forced to use.

And while we are on subsidies, we need to eliminate the subsidies on ethanol and oil.  By doing so we must eliminate to mandate for ethanol, and allow oil companies to drill.  You can’t protect one failing industry (ethanol) by intentionally holding back another (Oil)

Ethanol returns 97% of the carbon [5] stored in it after calculating the CO2 released from planting, growing, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, processing, and finally shipping it to the fuel station.  Gasoline returns 95% of the CO2 back into the atmosphere.  So we make the air worse by mandating an inferior fuel called corn ethanol.

 We need to call a halt to the mandating of ethanol.  Let the free market decide if it is economically feasible to make an alternate fuel without the CBO estimates of $1.78 a gallon subsidy.  Let’s get our grain prices down and lower costs of our poultry, hog and beef products, so the American Consumer no longer has to take it in the shorts for some pipe dream fuel that hurts the environment.

This country was built with the car, truck and rail being the dominant force of transportation.  We need to have a cheap fuel source to move people and products across this country and get us to work cheaply.  Very few will be able to afford a car that can only be used for short distances that costs $50,000. 

While I agree finding alternate sources of fuels is important, it should not be the driving factor that costs the American workers and their companies a fortune to ship products.  Long haul trucks and railcars will need a high octane/cheap fuel source for decades to come.  Let’s give it to them!

Cut the Corporate tax rate.

 The U.S. is the highest in the world at 33%.  Let’s lower it to just average to spur companies to relocate here in the United States.  Our own companies are moving overseas just to stay in business. 

Do you realize Japan had the highest rate until the Fukishima disaster?  They cut the rate to help their economy. Canada has continued to drop theirs to attract new businesses.  If we do not address this situation and soon, the American Worker will need to think about working overseas to stay employed.  Just in California an estimated 600,000 manufacturing jobs have disappeared due to the high taxes and the environmental rules. 

Evergreen Solar, who emerged from bankruptcy, is relocating to China just to stay competitive.  When we lose even the highly subsidized “green tech” jobs to China, something is wrong.

In Canada, our friends to the north are making their country the premier place to operate a business by slashing its corporate tax rate to 16.5% [7].  They expect by lowering the tax, more businesses will come to Canada.  Meanwhile, in the U.S. politicians are trying to raise taxes, thereby driving out businesses.  In the U.S. the corporate tax rate is 33%.  You tell me where you want to open a new business!


But wait, Canada is not done yet.  In 2012 they plan on cutting it down to 15%.  Add on the Provincial tax and the total tax is 25%.  In 2000 it was 42.6% I think they are on to something here.  They hope by making Canada the most attractive place to do business, they will retire they debt of $55.6 billion and not raise taxes.  I like the way they think!  Congress…pay attention!

We must make doing business in America the most attractive place in the world to come to.  We have run enough companies overseas already.

The EPA, Department of Fish and Wildlife, BLM and others.

These organizations have been granted powers so far reaching; I question their loyalty to this country and to the U.S.citizen.  They operate virtually unchecked and make rules that rob you and me of jobs.  It is time to rein in these agencies and balance the needs of animals with the needs of humans.

The following are headlines from articles I have written.  Take a look at the damage these agencies have caused on our economy and our ability to create energy for this country.

 The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which is in charge of making sure land is developed for wind, solar and geo-thermal energy development, ordered the construction of a solar plant halted just outside the Mojave National Preserve. Environmentalist complained and federal officials determined that 167 adult tortoises would have to be moved, and 700 juvenile tortoises would die during construction on a 5 -acre parcel.

In February, the Army Corps of Engineers denied ConocoPhillips [1] a permit it had been waiting on for five years to drill on the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.  Keep in mind the area was set aside in 1923 by President Harding to drill for oil!

Lizard stops Oil drilling in America! The new tool of the Obama administration is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. [8] Because they weld great power over animals like the turtle, the spotted owl, and the lizard, they can control which areas we can drill for oil. Isn’t it amazing that wherever we drill, the U.S. Wildlife service shows up unannounced to save the animals?

Solar Power is not helping here!

Five years after the Bureau of Land management (BLM) opened up millions of acres in the southwest for solar, not one volt of electricity has been produced! [9]

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced plans to blanket 1,000 square miles of land in Arizona [9],New Mexico, California, Colorado, and Utah with solar collectors.  So far… nothing.

 What I propose.

When it takes 35 permits to drill for oil, or construct a solar farm, or get clearance to put up a windmill, we have lost the ability for all rational thought.  Under my plan we will do the following:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, (USF&S), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) and the Department of Energy and Interior  (DOE, DOI) will be combined under one agency.  Their mission will be to:

  • First and foremost, to aid in the advancement of  a national energy plan with the least damage to the environment, water, air, land, animals, and allow energy production to proceed at an accelerated pace. 
  • Protect the environment but never to the point of causing humans to suffer.  It will be inevitable that some animals may not survive at some locations.   All attempts will be made to minimize the risks, but not at the expense of a national energy policy or the ability of humans to survive.  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.
  • The new agency will designate new energy zones that have met environmental reviews for certain levels and types of energy production.  Energy companies can bid on the leases and can start production immediately.  The permits will be included.

Any and all permits requested will be reviewed and answered in one year or less.  All lawsuits need to be filed within 30 days of a request for permit and no lawsuit will be allowed to continue for more than one year.  If after one year a lawsuit is not concluded, and arbitrator will rule and the decision is final.  By streamlining the process, we can lower the costs, create jobs and make the U.S.energy independent and create an exportable product…. energy!

Any area designated by the new combined department for energy production will be exempt from lawsuits.  It will be understood these areas will have been reviewed previously to get the energy designation and the permitting will be done in advance to get the designation.  Energy companies will be assured that any leases granted come free from lawsuits and include the appropriate permits.

By working with environmentalists, they will agree to give up certain areas for energy development, and in turn the Government will keep certain areas undeveloped.  We can no longer try and keep the whole country pristine and need to make smart and strategic choices in the production of energy and jobs.  Everybody loses a little and gains a lot.  But continuing to do nothing is a recipe for disaster!

This article speaks to creating a National Energy Policy, and putting Americans back to work and eliminating a huge trade imbalance with foreign countries that hate us.

I’d like to see what our current candidate have to say and the plan they have to solve the issues we face.  I don’t see one and would be happy to allow any candidate to use mine as a blueprint for success!

Without energy, we starve this country of its ability to power itself.  Without jobs, we go bankrupt.  My plan melds the two together for an immediate increase in both and puts Americans back to work and retains own own wealth!

It’s about time!

Paul Smith

Delegate to the Republican Party

Former Candidate for Congress 2008-2010

Taking our Government back, one day at a time!




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