Open Letter to Vice-President Joe Biden

Enclosed is a letter I emailed from the Vice President Joe Biden’s WhiteHouse page.  Although I expect no reply, I believe it prudent to let our leaders know when they have grievously erred in speaking and do my part to set the record straight.

Dear Mr. Vice President.

 I am deeply disturbed by your recent comments regarding the use of “terrorists” in conjunction with describing the Tea Party Movement during the recent deficit debate.

In case you have been out to lunch, the terrorists I have come to know blow up buildings, airplanes, military bases, and kill people. Are you linking this type of behavior to Americans that believe differently than you do regarding a policy issue?

How shallow and disrespectful your comment was and is, and it shows your total lack of understanding on what the word means. What’s next, Mr. Vice President, call a group that opposes you racists too?

You are the Vice President of the United States. When you speak of terrorists, you better be addressing the terrible things they have done to people around the world, not a group of American Citizens, that you disagree with.

If you find you are unable to speak properly like the highly respected second-in-command of the free-ist country in the world, maybe you ought not say anything at all to avoid showing everyone else how out of touch you can be.

I expect you to issue a formal apology and bone up on what a terrorist is! You insult the intelligence of all that work to make this country great.

I am ashamed to call you my Vice President.

Paul Smith

Delegate to the Republican Party

Former Candidate for Congress 2008-2010

Taking our Government back, one day at a time!


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