Open Letter to Congressman Dan Lungren CD-3 CA.

To Mr. Dan Lungren:

Republican Congressman-Carmichael, Gold River Ca.  Congressional District #3

Let me get straight to the point. 

Updated 7/29/2011

I have contacted Dan Lungren’s office almost daily.  Yesterday he was ready to vote for BoehnerCare 2.0 and deny you and me the ability to cut the debt, and increase the so-called “debt ceiling.”

Yesterday the Freshmen Congress denied Boehner the votes to get 2.0 passed.  Kudos to them!  They were sent to Congress to cut spending, not play the political game.  You can’t buy them off, or promise them re-election cash, cause they got elected without the Republican party’s help.  We eliminated earmarks so Boehner can’t promise those either.

Today we get 3.0 and lo and behold it has a balanced budget amendment in it!  My Congressman was willing to cave in and vote 2.0 without a hesitation.  Why isn’t he leading the charge to include better language to help you and me?  Mr. Lungren, we won the House and it’s time for you to start acting like a winner and governing like one.   We will no longer accept your poor performance in the deficit negotiations and your easy ability to cave in to Boehner’s wishes.  Time to grow a pair!  Paul Smith.

 Your stand on increasing the debt limit in exchange for so-called “future cuts” is flat out wrong.  I contacted your office on Friday and was told you would support increasing the debt in exchange for cuts.

First of all, the vote to increase the debt by $2.1 trillion that is being proposed is in three installments.  The corresponding cuts are spread out over 10 years.  The cuts average out to a miniscule $200 billion a year.  Meanwhile the interest charge on the new debt combined with the old debt of $14.1 trillion continues to run and could overtake any cuts due to the fact that NOBODY can see into the future that far.

Now I am supposed to trust that nobody in the next ten years will monkey with the system and find a way around this?  Come on Mr. Lungren!  Obama’s debt commission has come and gone and not one of their recommendations has made it to the table, and you want us to believe that  you and Congress have seen the light and will stick to the cuts?

I see no provisions to reduce the current $14.1 trillion dollars over the next ten years.  That would mean cuts of over $1 trillion a year?  How come NOBOBY is working on that one?

If Congress is to be trusted with our money, why has the debt ceiling only gone up?  I see no track record of ever lowering the debt, just increased spending.

By increasing the debt and borrowing more, or printing money, you devalue the dollar and make the cost of buying oil overseas even higher, pushing our economy into recession or even a depression.  This is a fundamental mistake even in a good economy!  We can’t even drill for our own oil in our own country.

Social Security

On paper it has $2.8 trillion in the “bank” however Congress has borrowed it down to zero.  Where is the urgency to fix this?  Explain how raising the debt solves this crisis?

Let’s talk about the Balanced Budget Amendment.

How sad is it, to elect politicians who can’t balance a budget and we have to force them to. What’s the point of having a Representative Democracy if we can’t trust who we elect.  Good luck getting 3/4th of the States to pass this! It’ll never happen because the States would be effectively be cutting off funding from the Gov’t from the overspending it does.  States aren’t going to cut that gravy train out.  It’ll never pass!  This is just a smoke and mirrors effort to get folks to go along with more spending and debt.

I will not support your vote to increase the debt and you need to carefully consider the ramifications for the people of this country and your ability to represent the people of the 3rd Congressional District in the future.  You are not listening to us, your constituents.

I strongly urge you to reconsider your position in this matter and vote no on increasing the debt.  For all your talk about worrying about your children and grandchildren, you seem to have tossed them right out the window and without much effort.  Shame on you!

To contact Dan Lungren:

(202) 225-5716

(916) 859-9906

Paul Smith

Delegate to the Republican Party

Former Candidate for Congress 2008-2010 CD-5 California

Taking our Government back, one day at a time


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