This one will probably get me a visit from the Secret Service!

I am growing frustrated day by day watching the “un-declared” war go on in Libya.  Here’s why.

This country is broke.  And under our Constitution we elect Representatives and Senators to represent us and our interests in Washington.  When I watch a President send in our troops and equipment to fight another country without Congressional approval, I get a tad unhappy about that.  It’s a slap in my face! The reason we have a Congress is to represent the local areas of the United States and do the will of the people.  Since Congress was not consulted and did not approve the money and the military action, you and I did not have a say either.  I had no opportunity to call my Congressman and say vote no on funding Libya; it was taken away from me.  So much for the War Powers Act that was supposed to protect you and me the taxpayer from funding an illegal war. 

I take offense to one man (The President) committing my tax money to a war that I had no say in!  If I has been given the chance to complain to my Congressman and he went against my wishes, then I can work to vote him out.  We are a Republic which means we are a nation of rules and laws, set forth by the Constitution.

Failure to adhere to that doctrine leads us down a path none of us should be forced to take.  And let’s be clear, we have been forced down it with this so-called war in Libya.  And to make it worse we have to borrow money to finance it!


In this day and age when we can send a bomb down an exhaust vent, why in the hell haven’t we sent one down Kaddaffi’s?  I sometimes get the feeling some in our military likes to play with their toys and see what works, so they can justify buying new ones.  I believe we need to change our strategy that costs the U.S. taxpayer a fortune and just cut off the head.  Cut off the head and the snake dies.  Not a new concept, but much needed!    Somewhere in the equation needs to be the cost benefit to the taxpayer and the risk/reward of a long drawn out mission.  We have the capabilities to send a bomb right down to anyone’s kitchen table.  It’s time we start doing that on day one.  You and I can’t afford this anymore.

It’s like the military has an unlimited supply of bombs they can use.  How about we tell them you get 100 bombs in this campaign.  Make everyone count.  We’ll see just how much motivation they have to cut off the head instead of bombing everything in sight!  I’m paying for these bombs so start using them wisely!  It will change our strategy pretty fast when they know they can’t waste them.

And who in the hell is NATO think they are committing my tax money to a war I never approved?  NATO did not and should not ever be the deciding factor in how we use our military.

So today, I am calling out the President and the Congress, who have allowed this War to continue,  as self-serving, ignorant of our laws, and bordering on Treason.   And as such, need to be held accountable for ignoring the Constitution, and violating the laws of this country. 

When we stop becoming a nation of laws under the Constitution, we cease to exist as a nation.  By all appearances we now live in a dictatorship, and Congress has been tossed aside.  The debt is run up to the point of no return and yet we are just expected to pay the tab!  Isn’t that what the Kings did in Europe?  Tax the people some more to the point of starvation?

I hope Obama makes a campaign trip to Sacramento, cause he is going to get an earful from me.  You have betrayed this country, the Constitution and the Congress.  And my Rep better grow a pair real fast and stand up for the Constitution and cut off the funding, or he’ll get a boatload from me also.

When you and I now longer have a say in how our government functions, it’s time to change those who run it.  I am standing up for my right to be heard!  I hope you will join me!

Delegate to the Republican Party

Former Candidate for Congress 2008-2010

Taking our Government back, one day at a time

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