The Global Warming Hoax…Exposed!

Apr 28th, 2010 

If you read any articles this year on Global Warming, these are the ones!  Part one.  In part two I will destroy the arguments used to support Man Made Global Warming.  

I have been reading almost daily about another scientist that has come out of the closet to say his or her data has flawed in claiming humans are causing global warming.  Let me give you some straight talk on this subject. 

In 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that CO2 was a ‘pollutant’ and gave permission to the EPA to regulate it under the Clean Air Act. 

In the 1990′s the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) along with President Clinton’s chief environmental scientist, Dr. Robert Watson, in conjunction with the Montreal Protocol, helped to ban Freon.  Next on the list was CO2. 

Al Gore has won a Nobel Peace prize, a Grammy and millions of dollars selling the “cure’ for global warming. 

As we turn to natural gas as an alternative to oil, Vladimir Putin of Russia, has been busy buying every natural gas company around the world including here in the U.S.! 

Al Gore refers to CO2 emissions as an “open sewer” in our atmosphere.  

What has been the temperature of the planet?  

The “estimated” temperature 2000 years ago was about -0.2 degrees C below the norm.  During the Medieval Period of around 1000 AD it was up +0.5 degrees C above the norm.   Was anyone around with Global satellites to confirm? 

In the past 100 year the temperature has varied as follows-0.6 C below norm and +0.5 C above the norm.  

In the past 30 years, with the onset of the use of satellites the temperature has varied as low as -.0.4 C below norm to as high as +0.6 C.  The Thames River in England last froze in 1814.  

Mt. Pinatubo 


Temperature fluctuations since 1979 can be traced to El Nino, La Nina and two volcanic eruptions.  El Chichon erupted in Mexico in 1979.  Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991.  El Nino pushes warmer water towards North and South America.  La Nina does the reverse.  

Mt. Pinatubo sent millions of tons of sulfur into the atmosphere.  It was turned into a sulfuric acid aerosol which reflected just enough sunlight to keep from heating up the surface of the oceans just a skosh.  Any temperature chart will confirm this from 1992-1995 as the global temperatures dropped below the norm.  

Keep in mind when scientist say we are now the hottest we have ever been, we have no way to know  how warm it was in the Medieval Period.  Convenient since no one can say for sure.  

Tree rings have been used as the bases to measure Global Warming in the Medieval Period.  If that was the case, and our planet was heating up, trees in the last 50 years would show similar data.  But they don’t.  This supports the theory that it was hotter back in 1000 AD and not caused by man!  

Just because scientist say something should happen, doesn’t necessarily mean it does.  Case in point.  When I was researching Nuclear Energy for my many articles on Nuclear Waste, I discovered that those that lived through the initial blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have lived longer than their counter parts in the surrounding un-affected areas.  

What’s an Urban Heat Island?  

Scientist rely on thermometers.  As the world has industrialized, more buildings have been constructed.  Buildings heat the immediate air around them.  Conversely vegetation naturally cools the air.  But we measure the temperature where it’s convenient.  Outside the door.  If we were to go outside the city and take reading we would find the temperature lower by degrees.  The good news is that cities only occupy 1% of all the land area in the world.  Bad news is we get most of our readings from cities.  We could be distorting the actual temperature by 50%!  

Can you tell me one scientist that can predict the weather more than 7-10 days out?  But the Global Warming theorists say with 100% certainty that we will heat the planet up within the next 100 to the point of extinction.  

The IPCC assumes the global cloud coverage always remains the same in their computer models.  I can tell you with certainty when a cloud hovers overhead, it gets cooler.  To think that clouds coverage is always constant is ridiculous and any data that uses cloud coverage as a constant is suspect.  With the recent eruption of the volcano in Iceland, you can bet it will get cooler in the ash path for several years.  

Further distorting the temperature is how funding is doled out for research.  Grants are handed out to researchers in search of man made reasons to confirm Global Warming .  And they find it, get another grant and so on.  Very few grants are handed out, or their works published from those that study natural phenomena.  

Northeast Passage  

In 2007 the Northeast Passage opened up.  Headlines made it sound as if the end of the world was coming.  In reality the Northeast Passage was clear from 1940 to 1942!  Where was the panic and sensationalism then?  

Global temperatures have not risen in the past seven years.  Arctic sea ice has recovered in 2009 from the meltdown from 2007.  But still we hear that the ice is going to disappear.  

Sound the Battle Cry!  

NASA Scientist Dr. James Hansen has along with Al Gore has turned themselves into the town criers.   Here are some of his quotes. 

 ”If we don’t get our emissions under control we are going to destroy creation.”  

“Fossil fuel companies know what the story is.  I think they’re guilty of crimes against humanity and nature”  And… his famous quote that basically confirmed he was of his rocker: 

“If we cannot stop the building of more coal fired power plants, those coal trains will be a death train-no less gruesome than if they were boxcars headed to the crematoria loaded with uncountable irreplaceable species.”  Oops!  The holocaust folks had a field day with that one!  

But eliminate coal from the world and we doom every third world country.  Coal is a cheap way to produce electricity.  Without the ability to store and freeze food, we starve out millions of people and/or cause them to become sick with food borne illnesses.  No one talks about the innocent lives that will be lost should the IPCC have its way.  

Poverty is a real threat today.  Global Warming is still theoretical.  Answer me this.  What Mother in a third world country will sacrifice their baby knowing if they allow a coal fired plant to be built, it may cause global warming thirty years from now.  I will take my chances, how about you?  

Al Gorisims.  

“I want to testify today about what I believe is a planetary emergency- a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth.”  

“After all, we have taken on problems of this scope before.  When England and then America and out allies rose to meet the threat of global Fascism, together we won two wars simultaneously in Europe and the Pacific.”  

“You know, 15 percent of people believe the moon landing was staged on some movie lot and a somewhat smaller number believe the Earth is flat.  They get together on Saturday night and party with the global warming deniers.”  

In the past six months we now have scientists coming out of the woodwork now admitting their data was flawed, wrong and or intentional concocted to fit the global warming theory.  Data was ignored that went counter to the argument.  In the Antarctic, Russian scientists have already admitted they forged data so they could get more funding from their government!  Al Gore was been silent recently and stands to lose millions if indeed the world stops buying into his theories and his products.  

So let’s recap.  

Global Warming has been likened to the holocaust, Fascism, flat earthers, destruction of ice caps, etc…  This makes for a great headline.  The truth is,  the methods to measure global warming are suspect at best.  Tree rings, placement of thermometers, false data, cloud cover and so on.  Those wanting to predict the destruction of man, ignore volcanoes and the results of sunlight being reflected back to space.  As more spurious research data is uncovered, you would think the warming community would admit their finding might be flawed.  But instead they have said the false data doesn’t affect their models.  C’mon!  

In part two, I am going to buzz-saw through all the current theories and tell the truth the Global Scientists and politicians don’t want you to hear!  I will cite direct cases where false data was used.  The cost to our economy and the loss of jobs has been staggering!  While I agree we need to use our resources wisely, making policy decisions based on Global Warming Science is flawed and dangerous to our economy and our country.  

Had enough?

Paul Smith

Former Republican Candidate for the 5th Congressional District (Sacramento)

Delegate of the California Republican Party

Owner:  WWW.SmithHeggumReport.com

Short URL: http://www.smithheggumreport.com/?p=214

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  4. I really wish Reps didn’t believe Global warming wasn’t real. Thing is I don’t understand their logic

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